About us

Who we are?

Dear travelers, we are a “Berber” family from south-eastern Morocco. Our goal of founding this company whose name is “Yuba Trips” is to share with you what makes our Morocco more distinctive in terms of cultural devirsity, its surface and deep histories, its natural wonders, etc.

Such served service did not come overnight into existence, but it based on a devotion of guidance and traveling around Morocco. This consequently helped us a lot to explore more worth visiting beauty spots and brief routes that connect them as in our suggested tours.

A team that loves to create !

For feeling more satisfied, our company has experienced drivers as well as “Berber”, Arabic, English, and even Spanish and French speaking guides with university levels. Also, 4wd vehicles, mini-buses and mini-vans are our means of transportation that have been chosen to suit your numbers and your rough tours.

Your satisfaction is our kernel,

Mohamed & Mustapha