Pleasure activities in Merzouga including camel riding, quad bikes, exploring fossils, etc.

Camel Ride: Pleasure activities in Merzouga

Riding camels on Merzouga dunes and spending a night under traditional tents of Berbers is another activity you can enjoy with us.
So, if you come by the rental car or the public transportation to Merzouga and you intend to experience such unforgettable experience, you just contact us when you will be here to direct you to the starting point of dromedary riding.
Habitually, the camel trip starts before the sunset from the hotel where you can leave the luggage  you will not need in the camp as well as having some rest there with some cups of tea.
After about one hour and half of dromedary riding, you will get your camp in which you will have your diner and drums music. Next day before the sunrise, you wake up for taking sunrise pictures before riding back to the hotel where you will have the shower and breakfast.

Desert fossils:

Fossils are remains of prehistoric plants or animals embedded in rock and preserved in petrified forms.
And since our mountainous area, Tafraoute Sidi Ali, is rich in fossils like trilobites and ammonites, it determines us to be collectors of other fossils such as fish fossils, dinosaur fossils, petrified fossils, plant fossils, trace fossils and so on.
So if you are a collecting fossils-museum or fossil explorer, you can rely on us.

Moto quad bikes riding:

Renting quad-bikes and motorbikes on desert dunes of Merzouga.
If you are interested in having this adventure, knock at our company’s door for fairy prices. This activity is usually departed from the hotel by a helping guy that will guide you to some enjoyment you may not forget in your life such as riding on slopes to the top of the highest dunes in the area.

For knowing more details and the price, contact us!